LA Housing Market Update, Impact of Millennials, and What This Might Mean For California.

In this video, I talk about the Los Angeles housing marketing and the challenges of this real estate market. I also talk about a new building policy created by Los Angeles City and how the real estate market maybe impacted.

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From the Desk of This YouTuber
Re: About This YouTube Channel

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Jeff Coga here. I decided to create this YouTube channel to document my journey as an entrepreneur.

Nothing fancy.

Just grinding and hustling.

If you want to read more on ‘why I’m doing this’ here’s a blog post with the explanation:

▶ Why I’m Documenting Here:

I also decided to write a little about a few of the most commonly asked questions from people who reached out to me on YouTube.


➥ What Business Are You In? – I currently invest in real estate, run a digital marketing agency, e-commerce.

Here’s some of my companies:

▶ L2EJ Holding Group: A holding company that owns interests in broad range of media, e-commerce, residential & commercial real estate, and publishing businesses.
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▶ Real Estate Strategy Lab: A digital marketing and publishing company that helps real estate professionals to generate more leads and help them convert them.
– More Info Here:

▶ Capital EMD: We provide earnest money deposits for wholesalers and rehabbers in the real estate.
– More Info Here:

▶ The Happy Pet Company: We help dogs live a healthier and longer life.
– More Info Here:

➥ Are You A Millionaire? – No, I’ve ‘made’ millions in my different companies I owned but I lost it all. I am on my third round of building a company.

➥ When Did You Start An Entrepreneur? – I would say when I sold candy in elementry school but officially when I bought my first ‘house flip’ when I was 19.

➥ How Old Are You? I’m 31

➥ What Nationality Are You? – I’m Japanese (Nisei)

➥ What Advice Do You Have For Young Entrepreneur? – Learn how to market and sell. Way too many young entrepreneur think that having a ‘new idea’ will simply sell it sell. NO it doesn’t. You have to sell.

➥ What Investments Do You Have? – Currently actively investing in real estate. Commercial real estate and residential units.

➥ How Do You Site In One Place For Hours? – I just do. I know it’s bad and un-healthy but I just do it.

➥ Why Is Your Posture Is Bad When You Sit? – Yeah, I know. I’m working on it.

➥ Who’s On Your Team? – Currently I’m in the re-building phase. It’s my wife and an assistant in the Philippines with several contractors and question guys (for my real estate business).

➥ Would You Invest In My Idea? – Probably Not. I only invest in stuff I understand. IE: Real Estate or Something In Digital Publishing.

➥ Where Are You Located? – My office is in Temecula, California

➥ What’s The Most Difficult Thing You Faced An Entrepreneur? – I don’t really dwell on the past but I’ve lived in my car, had partners steal money from me, law suits, and last recession I even thought about suicide because I felt I was a failure.

➥ Is Being And Entrepreneur Risky? – Honestly, yeah but it has to be calculated. Most businesses fail. Heck, my first 3 companies made money but it busted.

➥ Do You Really Work Like This (Or Is It A Show)? – Yeah, I work a lot. Could I be more efficient 100% and I’m working on this.

➥ Who’s Your Mentors (Would You Mentor Me)? – I’ve had many who are my friends and even ones who passed away. I’m also part of many mastermind groups to keep me sharp. Would I mentor you? No. Find someone who is local and meet them face to face. My first mentor in real estate lived a few miles away and I saw him every week and I worked for him for free to learn the game (he has since passed away).

➥ How Do You Handle Work/Life Balance? – I’m really not balanced. I just recently married to my best friend and shes understands I’m working hard to build a legacy for our family. She also runs some of the companies I run. I struggle a lot worrying about my friends and family not being able to be there for them. I don’t have it figured out but I’m lucky enough that my family is healthy and currently my wife is ok with me working. I do try to spend much as quality time together.

If you have more questions, feel free to DM me or leave a comment.

Thanks for reading this & let’s get to work!


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  1. I'm thinking of doing a video on how Prop 13 and Prop 60 affects sellers over 55+ in California and how this plays into real estate market. If you're interested in that let me know below.

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